ZEILT productions is a team of permanent and freelance talents motivated by the same idea. Creating innovative and original projects.


ZEILT productions is a company created by Laurent Witz. Established in Luxembourg, this company is specialized in the production of 3D animation programmes for the cinema, television, the Internet, mobile phones and video games. Its aim is to produce innovative, entertaining and enriching programs drawing on national and European know-how and creativity. 

Laurent Witz
Producer / Director / Academy Award Winner
Emmanuelle Vincent
Marie Garré
Production Coordinator
Cyril Bossmann
Creative Director
Ghayth Chegaar
Animation Supervisor / Lead Animator
Pascal Thiebaux
Director / Storyboard Supervisor
Sarah Sutter
Director & Animator
Aurélien Pira
Compositing Supervisor
Fabien Weibel
Art Director
Maxence Hammen
Technical Innovation Manager
Camille Haumont
Graphic Artist
Frédéric Wedeux
Technical 3D artist
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ZEILT productions

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Laurent Witz

Producer / Director / Academy Award Winner