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/ Animated Series - 52 x 2'



Animated Series - 52 x 2'

Production year : 2018 (completed)

Directed by : Laurent Witz

Written by : Fabien Weibel, Cyril Bossmann, Samir Oubechou, Chérif Saïs, Nicolas Robin, Hervé Benedetti, Mara Montebrusco-Gaspari

Concept & Idea : Fabien Weibel

Produced byZEILT productions, WATT frame


A crew of conquistadors travels the seas, ready to colonize every piece of land, down to the smallest of pebbles. Alas, their IQs – as pathetic as their loot – will make things seriously harder for them…

Barababor is a funny show about a group of under-skilled conquistadors getting themselves into improbable and crazy situations. Their obsession with colonizing virgin and hostile territories will inevitably lead them to miserable failure! Each episode introduces a situation the crew has to face. It can be, for example, the discovery of an island on the brink of sinking down, a whirlpool in the ocean or a ghost ship.


Each episode will be about how the crew tackles these situations. Usually, they will manage very poorly, either for their well-known incompetence or because of a bad stroke of fate.


  Copyrights ZEILT productions / WATT frame 

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