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/ Animated Series - 52 x 2'

An original idea by Fabien Weibel

Produced and developed by ZEILT productions and WATT frame

Directed by Laurent Witz

Screenplays by Fabien Weibel, Cyril Bossmann, Samir Oubechou, Chérif Saïs, Nicolas Robin, Hervé Benedetti, Mara Montebrusco-Gaspari

Animated Series - 52 x 2'

ZEILT productions / WATT frame


A crew of conquistadors travels the seas, ready to colonize every piece of land, down to the smallest of pebbles. Alas, their IQs – as pathetic as their loot – will make things seriously harder for them…

Barababor is a funny show about a group of under-skilled conquistadors getting themselves into improbable and crazy situations. Their obsession with colonizing virgin and hostile territories will inevitably lead them to miserable failure! Each episode introduces a situation the crew has to face. It can be, for example, the discovery of an island on the brink of sinking down, a whirlpool in the ocean or a ghost ship.


Each episode will be about how the crew tackles these situations. Usually, they will manage very poorly, either for their well-known incompetence or because of a bad stroke of fate.

  Copyrights ZEILT productions / WATT frame 

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