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Directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Alexis Ducord

Screenplay by Vincent Paronnaud

Based on the comic books "Dans la Forêt Sombre et Mystérieuse" - Gallimard Jeunesse

Produced by Je Suis Bien Content (France), Gao Shan Pictures (France), ZEILT productions and Amopix (France) 

Into the Wonderwoods

CG Feature Film 80'

Production year : 2024 (in production)


Angelo dreams of being an adventurer and zoologist. He takes the road with his family to visit his beloved grandma, who is very sick. His parents forget him on a motorway rest area and leave without him. Abandoned, Angelo decides to cut through the forest to find his family. He sinks into this dark and mysterious territory populated by strange beings.

  Copyrights Je Suis Bien Content / Gao Shan Pictures / ZEILT productions / Amopix

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