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/ Short film 2'00''

Directed by Laurent Witz

Client: The Inspiring Luxembourg Committee


Short film 2'00"

ZEILT productions / The Inspiring Luxembourg Committee 


In 2014, the Inspiring Luxembourg Committee launched a Nation Branding process to reinforce the image of an open-minded, dynamic and reliable country. The centerpiece of the marketing campaign is a 2-minute animated short film created by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz. The short film is in fact the illustration of an idea symbolized by a bird. Through the film, the bird evolves and grows thanks to the efforts and collaboration of a multitude of people gathered around authentic, inspiring and common values.

The film took shape thanks to a joint effort and the collaboration of many talents, thus paralleling the way the bird evolved in the film. Luxembourg: Let’s make it happen!

  Copyrights M&C Saatchi - A.I.M.E.


Comissioning: The Inspiring Luxembourg Committee



Assistant Director Live : Julien Becker, Gwenaël François

Director of Photography: Julien Becker

Gaffer: Nicolas Picart

Grip: Jean Huot

Crane operator: Brice Meyer

Drone operator: Brice Meyer, Kévin Marchand

CG Tracking: Fabien Weibel

CG preparation: Jacopo Armani, Fabien Weibel, Sarah Sutter, Cyril Bossmann

Head Set Decorator: Marc Ridremont

Decorator: Amandine Maroteaux

Prop master: Amicalar De Matos

Props: Julie Pironet

Location scouts: Philippe Reimer, Laurent Ernzer

Production coordinator: Laurent Erzner

Assistant coordinator: Christian Comes, Yannis Meys

Kirchberg drone pictures: Drone Club Luxembourg


Director: Laurent Witz

Assistant Director: Jacopo Armani

Project Devlopment Manager: Emmanuelle Vincent

Production assistants: Joane Degive, Marie Garré, Laura Mescolini

Legal Department: Lauren Gazin

Technical Director: Maxence Hammen, Rémi Bruschini

Design: Jérôme Gillet, Artur Gorczynski, Pascal Thiebaux

Design intern: Anja Regnery

Colour Research: Cyril Bossmann, Fabien Weibel

Illustrations: Ghayth Cheggar

Storyboard: Pascal Thiebaux

2D Animatic: Pascal Thiebaux

Lead modeling-characters: Ghayth Chegaar

Characters modeling: Yinxuan Li Dezamenien, Nathan Martinez, Boris Philipart, Damien Lefauvre, Sylvain Hugo, Jin Kabore, Aurélien Pira, Aurélien Thronion, Tahar Medjahed, Frédéric Wedeux, Pierre Fievet, Signe Tveitan

Lead Blendshapes: Jin Kabore

Blendshapes: Frédéric Wedeux

Modeling intern: Emeric Penninck

Fur & Groom: Signe Tveitan, Cyril Bossmann

Lead Texturing - Characters: Cyril Bossmann

Characters texturing: Pierre Fievet, Aurélien Thronion, Tahar Medjahed, Eric Nicolas Smit

Props Modeling/Texturing: Aurélien Pira, Frédéric Wedeux, Cyril Bossmann, Aurélien Thronion, Tahar Medjahed, Pierre Fievet, Signe Tveitan

Rigging: Théo Rambur, Frédéric Wedeux

Tracking: Fabien Weibel

Layout : Raphaël De Paris

Animation Supervisor: Carlo Vogele

Lead Animation:  Ghayth Chegaar

Animation: Louis Renard, Sarah Sutter, Raphaël De Paris, Jean-Loup Comby

Lighting/Rendering Supervisor: Cyril Bossmann

Rendering: Nicolas Grangeaud, Camille Haumont, Aurélien Pira 

Compositing Supervisor: Aurélien Pira

Compositing: Nicolas Grangeaud

Matte Painting: Pascal Thiebaux, Eric Nicolas Smit, Cyril Bossmann

Music: LEITMOTION, Olivier Defradat, Clément Osmont

With the participation of: AVIA, Arnaud Decker, Pierre Barreau, Vincent Barreau

Principal conductor: Florian Krumpöck

Orchestra: Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg

Recorded at the: Philharmonie de Luxembourg

Sound recording: Maurice Barnich

Pianist: Jean Muller

Recorded at the: Linster Studio

Music mixing: Linster Studio, Werner Pensaert

Sound design: Soundtastic

Voice-over text VFR: Laurent Witz

With the participation of: Cyril Bossmann

German translation: Ameko

Luxembourgish translation: T9N translation

English translation: Marzenka Krejcirik

Translation supervisor:  Jean-Pierre Thilges

Voice-over casting: Soundtastic

Voice-over (VF): Patrick Descamps

Voice-over (VLU): Maurice Lentz

Voice-over (VEN): Julian Archer

Voice-over (VDE):Hans Mittermüller

Mixing 5.1: Soundtastic 

Sound design /  sound effects: Arnaud Mellet / Alexandre Gibert 

Sound Edit: Alexandre Gibert

Mixing: Aaron Baustert

Export DCP / ProRes: Dopamyne



Philharmonie Luxembourg

Stephan Gehmacher

Goeffroy Guirao

Rachel David

Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg

Silvia Ebert

Antonio Quarta

Drone Club Luxembourg

Amandine Maroteaux

Jean-Pierre Reitz

Nicolas Didier, Luxembourg Science Center

SES Astra


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