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We have strong expertise at every stage of the animation process — from storyboarding and compositing to design, as well as 3D character and set creation, 2D animation, 3D animation and lighting. We also engage on hybrid projects for feature films or series, blending live action and 3D animation, or combining 3D and 2D animation techniques. Beyond the technical aspect, our goal is to create original artistic projects of the highest quality which delights our clients and audiences.


VR/XR projects

Our primarily platforms include Maya, Substance painter, Nuke, and Unity, but we also innovate and enrich with our own proprietary tools and pipelines. Innovation plays a crucial role in Zeilt’s artistic and quality performance. Recently, we have integrated Unreal engine on certain projects. We have a strong expertise in motion capture and realtime animation. For us, mastering different techniques and tools is a step in the creative process, not the goal itself. Thus, we continuously adapt our techniques and tools to meet artistic goals.

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