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/ Commercial Images

Client: Aldebaran Robotics

Studio: ZEILT productions

Commercial Images

Aldebaran Robotics / ZEILT productions


Romeo is a humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics which is intended to be a genuine personal assistant and companion.

This research platform is now being used to validate the possible service uses for a larger robot than Nao and to test new technologies for possible integration in future Aldebaran products. These innovations stem from Aldebaran Robotics' own research as well as research conducted by partners in the academic and industrial sectors within the scope of joint projects such as the PSPC project of the Romeo 2 Future investment programme supported by Bpifrance.


ZEILT productions made these commercial images with the CG robot in situation.
We created the CG character from drawings and 3D industrial designs, made its skeleton, placed it in situation and integrated it in live images.


  Copyrights Aldebaran Robotics

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