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/ Animated     Series

Based on the comic strips written and drawn by Nicolas Poupon

Produced and developed by ZEILT productions and WATT frame

Directed by Julien Renault and Ghayth Chegaar

Screenplays by Ciaran Murtagh, Andrew Barnett Jones, Cyril Bossmann, Nicolas Poupon, ElDiablo, Howard Read, Alex Collier, Denise Cassar, Jen Upton...  

CG Animated Series 52x5'
ZEILT productions / WATT frame / TENCENT Vidéo (Chine)


Spending your life in a bowl can really drive you crazy.
Deep In The Bowl humorously depicts the strange habits of humans
decoded by fish from their aquariums.
Discover our band of fish living great adventures in their
in their little aquariums!

  Copyrights ZEILT productions / WATT frame 


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