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/ Animated Series - 26 x 5'


Next Stop

Animated Series - 26 x 5'

Production year : 2020 (completed)

Directed by : Sarah Sutter

Co-Directed by : Wedeux Frédéric

Written by : Cyril Bossmann, Herve Benedetti, Cherif Sais, Morel Diane, Bruno Regeste

Concept & Idea : Laurent Witz

Designs : Jérôme Gillet, Ghayth Chegaar

Produced byZEILT productions, WATT frame


Two aliens land on Earth in order to colonize it.

Our little heroes, 5 inches tall, are looking for the right place to set their Headquarters. What would be more impressive than a historical place from which to start an invasion?


They will thus be visiting sites and monuments around the world. But because of their bad luck and clumsiness, they will face lots of difficulties that will make them travel from place to place...


  Copyrights ZEILT productions / WATT frame 

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